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I have never FALLEN in love, I love my family n friends..but fallen in love with a guy?
I thought I was but my feelings for the guy went so I believe it’s not love it was just a ‘REALLY LIKED’ but never progressed to more. Thankfully.
You get blinded by infatuation and lust but that’s it, that’s not love, it’s part of it but everything else was missing to be LOVE.
To me love is incomparable to anything (except maybe food), I personally haven’t been in love but from movies and friends who have been it seems to take all of you. Ofc it would.
I’m scared of it. No one has taken their role or even come close to what I believe been in love is. I just have this idea of it and many guys don’t have the same old school thinking.
I rather be alone then settle. Arrogance? Stupidity? Maybe to some, but all that unneeded stress is unneeded.
I enjoy my own company..when I see couples is when it gets do I enjoy my own company?

It will never be the same and you still don’t care. Will never forgive u

No one knows what’s really going on through peoples mind, is just the fact if life is worth living..ofc life is difficult but depending how strong the individuals will power n hope is the not so stronger ones decide to take their life. It upsets me they went feeling like they did.
I think everyone has these thoughts being suicidal, I certainly have but that’s the irony..that’s life